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Inspiring a New


​Designs and Such is a brand dedicated to "creating resources

with design in mind to inspire learners in a digital world."

As an elementary educator, I see a need to rethink the design strategies with which we create classroom activities,

curriculum presentations, and resourceful class websites.

Our learners are engaging daily with a digital world at their fingertips, developing new abilities and interests. The nature of education is rapidly changing, and with it, opening up endless opportunities to bridge the skills of graphic designers and educators. I desire to partner with teachers in creating high-quality resources and class websites that inspire interactive learning in new ways!

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Want to see how I use tech resources in my classroom? 

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Sela Estelle



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I am a native of Greenville, South Carolina. I have taught elementary students for over five years. I love the upper grades because we can be real together and learn about life in so many fun ways. I have loved growing up here and getting to know this community!


I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world and LOVE immersing in new cultures. I played the piano for many years, and I have a strong appreciation for music and the arts. I love to adventure outdoors: hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. I get an absolute thrill from finding some good deals at local thrift stores. Before teaching, I worked with specialty coffee as a barista. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends doing fun stuff! My favorite color is teal, and I have a slight obsession with anything concerning coffee or elephants.

In the


I spend my days alongside amazing students! We enjoy hands-on lessons that engage students and integrate technology. It is my hope that you sense a passion for learning in the things that I do. It is a life skill that continues on outside the classroom. I seek to build an engaging and encouraging environment that teaches my students to love to learn for themselves. The reason I go into the classroom each day is to inspire my students to give their best and achieve whatever goals they have - while showing kindness and respect to those around them. It all begins right here.

I create resources with design in mind
to inspire learners in a digital world.
These are some websites I use
in the classroom frequently:
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Miss Aust, Second Grade Teacher

Sela is a literal genius, tech-wizard angel!! My website was something I wanted to utilize more, but never really knew how. She did EVERYTHING I could ask for and more. She even included some fun touches that match my classroom theme. She was so quick and accommodating and it saved me the stress of trying to figure everything out myself. I highly recommend using her to help with your classroom website.

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